Fall is in the air.

Fall is in the air. The crisp breeze. The smell of wet earth. The sound of crunching leaves under your feet. And the beautiful sight of new colors only known in this time of year. Fall is in the air.

At this current stage of my life, I feel like the current season of Fall. Just as the leaves are green one day and yellow the next, my life seems to change with the days and especially my mood. Haha. But the change has been a beautiful change. One that shows me new colors of myself, life, and God everyday. I have already learned and changed a lot since coming to Austria and there is definitely more change ahead…

On September 17th, Tobi and I got engaged. Yup. Totally serious. And if you aren’t on the floor already, I think I can get you there when I say that we are getting married on December 30th…yes, like in 2.5 months : ) Why so fast? Well, when you know, you know so why wait..haha. Secondly, the date was determined when we both have off from school. We are actually going to have two weddings and so in order for that to happen, one wedding needed to be in December and the other in February (in both months we both have two weeks off). The first one will be in Austria on December 30th and the second will be in Wisconsin on February 18th.

When I came to Austria, this was definitely not in the plan and I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me that this was going to happen. But after intentionally getting to know Tobi for some months, we both realized that we would make a better team together than apart. We both share a love for Jesus, His Word, His church, and for the people of Austria and with that, we knew. And this is not to say that we haven’t had any hard times or difficulties because like with any relationship there is conflict and there seems to be even more potential for conflict when there is an intercultural relationship. However, we have been able to work through the past difficulties and learn skills how to work through the future ones…and that is also the beauty of a team.

Another side bonus of an upcoming wedding is the conversation it promotes. When I got engaged with Tobi and told a neighboring family–who I know through tutoring–they were first elated and then they started asking questions…Where are you getting married? Oh, in an Evangelical church, what is that? What do they believe?…so cool. If you have read my post before this one, you can understand a bit more on why this was and is a big deal. Basically, the Evangelical church is unfortunately unheard of and carries a cult-like feel in Austria so any healthy and natural conversation about it is rare. And it is also very hard to get people even to visit an Evangelical church, but if there is any event that will do it, it is a wedding.

My current days are full with going to German classes Monday-Friday for 3.5 hours, traveling 2 hours by train to and from Vienna, studying German, getting together with people from the church, and some English tutoring here and there. For the most part, our wedding in Austria is already planned so we leave Saturdays for all the other small details. So a lot is going on, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Nancy Isaak says:

    Wow! Exciting news! Ken & I are so thrilled for you two!


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