The Perfect End to 2016

On December 30, 2016, I got married to Tobias Weiss in our church in Austria. It was about 30 degrees and sunny. It was perfect. And it really was perfect not because everything went exactly how I wanted or imagined it, but because I was marrying my best friend. Tobi truly shares the same love for Jesus and the church and so the whole time I was on the stage with him, I was holding back tears because we share the same heart and soul for the Lord and in the end that is what truly matters. And so I stood up on the stage without a worry or nervousness feeling. It was perfect.

Another reason why the day seemed perfect was because the Austrian family that I had gotten to know through the German-English tutoring trade came to our wedding. The mom in the family was actually the one who had asked me many questions about the Evangelical Free Church. She had never been to an Evangelical Free Church before and so she said she was looking forward to coming. And so it was super exciting to actually see them at our wedding and to have them come up to us on three separate occasions to chat with us. Also a couple from my school came to the ceremony (all the others had returned home for vacation) and 20 of Tobi’s classmates came. Since this was probably the first time they had been to a Christian wedding and had stepped into an Evangelical Free Church…it was a pretty big deal that they came. How cool.

Looking at 2016 in retrospective, I can hardly believe all what had happened. There have been so many life changes but no matter where I was in the process, Jesus was always there. When basically everything I know has changed or is different, knowing that God is always with me and that He never changes has given me the perfect joy and peace. I am excitedly looking forward to what God has in store for Tobi and I in 2017. Thank you for your prayers!


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  1. Jane Olson says:

    Yes. You are truly blessed.Don’t ever change your walk with Jesus. He will be your strength and guide in all things….good or bad. I can read the happiness in your blog..keep them coming. It’s my way of keeping you close in my heart too. Glad several unbelievers were able to hear your testimony at the wedding too.
    Am excited to see you next month. And I just discovered you are exchanging vows on your BIRTHDAY …that’s too cool….
    I Pray for you when you come to mind.
    Stay healthy and happy together
    much love to you two. See you soon. Time goes by quickly.


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