Welcome to Spring

Spring seems to be the most promising time of the year. A bud on the tree tells a story of an upcoming blossom so beautiful and alive, that the story of the past long winter is almost forgotten. The hope of summer draws in… And even more beautiful and life-giving is the promise of Easter. Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection brings true life and true beauty into the picture….welcome to spring.

As always, life seems to be pretty busy over here. After Tobi and I returned from the States, we moved into our apartment and started our new semesters. I am now in the 4th and last level of my German classes. I might have to retake this last semester because I am in an intensive course which means in 8 months you are supposed to go from having no German to being fluent in German (fluent means barely any mistakes, no longer having to think about rules or your mother language, conversation just flows). And at least for me, 8 months is pretty fast. Just to give you a little idea of how German sentences are structured, here is an example.

German sentence:

Ich freue mich, dass mein Deutsch immer besser wird, aber es wird noch ein bisschen dauern.

And now the literal word for word translation from German to English:

I am excited myself, that my German always better becomes but it will still a little take.

So as you can see, your mind definitely does some gymnastics in order to say things correctly. However all in all it is going very well. A couple weeks ago, I met up with my Austrian friend, who I had given English lessons to a few months back, and we talked for 3 ½ hours in German and caught up on life. During this time, I showed her wedding pictures from the states and after we were done, she asked about the church I am going to in Austria. She even asked what time the service was. Her inquiry in the church is encouraging because she has lived less than a mile away from the church for 14 years and she has never had an interest to visit. So it has been exciting to see this relationship grow and develop into a real friendship.

On Easter weekend, Tobi and I had a really good conversation with a family friend who was around our age. We were sitting across the table from him at a restaurant and when he found out that Tobi and I had recently got married, he just looked at us in this crazy-shock look and asked us why we got married so soon and why we didn’t wait for years in order to really know each other. This was a very logical question for him to ask because Tobi and I were very countercultural in how fast we got married and the fact that we even got married at all. This question gave us the opportunity to talk about our commitment with each other and how that ultimately comes from God by his commitment to us. Tobi explained that and even a bit on our Christian beliefs.

Thank you for your prayers! They are most appreciated. I would be very thankful if you continued to pray for my German, that I would learn fast and not get discouraged. And that Tobi and I would have more opportunities in sharing to friends and neighbors what Jesus has done in our lives. Thank you!!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Janie says:

    You are such a great writer… hope you fine time to do more.
    Thanks for the update. It is well.


  2. Doug Stegeman says:

    Thank you for the update, you write very well. We (I) will keep your effort to become fluent in German, in prayer as well as you new life with Tobi. That you continue to grow together in spirit and love. Will also pray for continued opportunities to share and inspire others with the story of Jesus. Be well….


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