“The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.” Isaiah 40:8

Prayer requests:

  • German Bible Study
  • New Semester = new teacher & classmates = new opportunities
  • My German –> endurance

It has already been one year since I have been in Austria and I have to say that the last 6 months have been challenging to see the light at the end of the tunnel (thus the skip in blog posting). Like anywhere, it is easy to fall into a routine and when your goal is a 2 year process (learning German), it can get quite anstrengend (exhausting). So while I was putting in so much effort to learn a new language, I lost sight of why I am learning the language (namely: teaching others the Bible in their own language). But thankfully, Jesus never looses sight of the goal. After our church retreat on prayer and after spending some time in prayer, I realized that God can still use my far-from-perfect German. Jesus doesn’t require me to be perfect nor does he want me to live in fear of making grammar mistakes. So…here we go! At the end of September, I am starting a German Bible study with some of the ladies in the church (around my age) and we will be studying 1 Peter. I am really excited, but I would also really appreciate your prayers!

In October, I will be starting my last semester of German. Yahoo! I could have been done last semester, but we have decided that right now is the perfect time to keep learning German so therefore, one more semester—which also means, a new teacher and new classmates. This brings me to my second prayer request for opportunities to talk about Jesus with my classmates. At the end of last semester, one of my schoolmates asked me in front of the class why I came to Austria and why I wanted to study Theology (I was the only person there to study theology and you could tell that they were kinda confused about my career pursuit). I explained that I wanted to work in a church over here and more importantly, because I believe that God is real, I therefore, want to know Him. In English, this doesn’t sound too profound, but in German I used the verb, kennenlernen, that you only use with living people that you can have a relationship with. Maybe they thought it was a German mistake, but it is times like these that I’m praying that God would stir up questions in their minds. So now as I am awaiting to go into a new semester, I am hoping for more opportunities to talk about Him.

Thanks for your prayers!! I am so thankful to be here in Austria and since Tobi and I got our own apartment (in March), it really feels like home. Also real conversations in German are easier to have and I no longer have to translate every word in English in my head…so yay! Getting better : ) And btw I got my marriage visa!! (thanks Tobi ; ) Now I just have to pass some German tests in order to continue with this visa : )


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