A New Year, A New Chapter

Prayer requests:

  • Bible study in German
  • Last month of my German classes
  • Job?

Bible Study: The Effort and What God is Teaching Me through it

Since September, I have led 6 Bible studies in German. We are going through 1 Peter and we are currently on verse 13 of chapter 1 so, yes, we are taking our time and enjoying the not-so-obvious gems. Leading this Bible study has been the best but hardest thing I’m currently doing. I study at least an hour each day for 10 days (the Bible study is every other week) and then hours are spent with Tobi on the weekends correcting my German mistakes and discussing the content. I guess I write all of that to show you that I take this Bible study very seriously and through it God has been teaching me so many things. Sometimes I wonder if I am learning more than the ladies that come to the study. In difficult situations, I am reminded of Peter’s words, “he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead” or ” In this you rejoice, through now for a little while, if necessary, you have been grieved by various trials” And as you read on, it only gets better. The more I read, the more His words are there to comfort me and the more I rely on Him.

So pray for ladies that are coming and for me, that we would grow together through God’s Word and that we would be an encouragement to one another.

German Class: Talking about Religion in my German Class

Last month, I had to do a presentation in my German class on cultures and the different values within cultures. We first had an interactive conversation about what makes up a culture and then, I thought that this would be a good time to talk about religion (a huge value within cultures) and compare what role it has in Austria and in the United States (the comparison was also a part of the requirements). Through this, I had the opportunity to define what the Evangelical church believes. In Austria, the Evangelical church makes up less than 4% of the population (this percentage also includes all religions under protestantism, i.e.: Lutheran) ; therefore, it was necessary to explain this religion that they probably haven’t even heard of! So we talked about the Bible and how most important it is to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. It was pretty cool to talk about this so openly with my colleagues and to be able to inform them. My teacher even opened up and added to the conversation and she also added that she was Lutheran, which is quite amazing since it is uncommon for an Austrian to talk about their personal beliefs so openly. Also one of my colleagues said she liked my presentation and would like to visit my church sometime.

Now I only have one month left…I can hardly believe it!! I would really appreciate your prayers that I would study my hardest and would have more conversations about Jesus with my colleagues.


Since I will no longer be in class everyday, I am considering looking for a job, possibly at a cafe?? Tobi and I agree that it would be for my overall best to get a job so that I could practically practice my German and also to feel more integrated. This is now my biggest fear or trusting lesson that I must over come. The thought of doing an interview in German really scares me…what if I don’t understand a question..or two? What if I run into topics I can not explain in German? What if …they go on. I am constantly trying to redirect my thoughts and trust Him that He has the perfect plan for me and He will put me where He wants me. He has obviously already been faithful to me, but faith and trust always seems to be the lesson. Your prayers again would be greatly appreciated : )

Thank you for your prayers!

P.S. The picture is of Vienna’s town hall.


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