Krapfen, Kipferl, und Knusperspitz


  • I got a job in Austria!
  • I quit the job in Austria.
  • I passed a very important German test for my visa : )

Prayer Requests:

  • Bible Study- revamping and restarting
  • Relationships with friends and family- to grow and flourish


The Job

If I could only bring you along in my last 3-month endeavor, you would feel like you were on the Raging Bull roller coaster at 6 Flags (if you don’t know what I’m talking about click here). Hope that didn’t make you sick, but my point is that the ups and downs have been extreme. And it all started with complete excitement; I got a job (in German) at a local bakery/coffee house!! I was elated and ready for the challenge. The 1st day, however, came with a bang. On the register, alone, a line of customers and surrounded by words that I had no idea even existed, ie Krapfen, Kipferl, Knusperspitz, Roggen, Dinkel, mürb,.. And when you have regular customers coming in and you have no idea what they are even saying–let’s just say, this day was extremely stressful and embarrassing. However, it did get better. At the end of 2 weeks and after countless hours of studying their website at home, I was training the new girl and growing to enjoy my new fast paced environment. It all went sour after I continually experienced not getting any sort of break after 7 hours (one time, not even a bathroom break). On top of that, over hours were not being paid and I had accumulated 5 in one week. So…after talking to the owner’s son about these conditions, which he made clear that nothing was going to change, Tobi and I both decided that it was best that I quit. And the following weeks were filled with joy and peace with this decision and I was reassured by my Austrian friends and family that this was definitely not the norm for working conditions.

Looking back at this experience and even though it was quite frankly horrible, I am so thankful that I was able to have this opportunity. I learned so much about Austrian culture (baked goods are very traditional), working in a foreign country (different language, money, way of doing things), building relationships with coworkers, and forgiving those that treated me unfairly…and the list could go on. I can only thank God for this perspective because he transforms all the bad into good. Making the worst into something treasured, this is what He does.

German Test

As a requirement for my visa, I had to pass a specific test put on by the government. I was tested in writing, hearing, reading, and speaking German and a bit of Austrian culture/laws. This test took basically all day and I had to wait 5 weeks (!!!) for the results. I am thankful to say that I passed that test with flying colors and I am truly thankful that God gave me a sound mind that day because I was extremely nervous and I wouldn’t have had time to retake the test before my visa expired. So once again, God was looking after me and He provided what I needed at exactly the right time.

Bible Study

Unfortunately, I had to stop the Bible Study while I was working because my schedule was completely inconsistent, so I will be focusing on revamping the Bible Study and starting it back up again. My goal is to have 8 more Bible study sessions, bringing us to the end of 1 Peter before September.

Friends and Family

Having finished all my German courses and now also being without work, has given me more time to spend with Tobi’s family and my friends. Even though I am disappointed that the job at the bakery didn’t work out, I am very thankful for this time to get to know my family more and also spend more time building those relationships. I have now noticed that life was just too busy before and it is about time that I really invest in these relationships that I will always have in Austria.

Also during this time, I have mastered stick shift. Yay! I haven’t been driving for almost 2 years, which can really dampen an american spirit, if you know what I mean, so this has really been freeing for me. I’m now visitng people more than even before and even getting to know where I live, definitely important haha.

Thank you for reading my post and keeping up with me, it truly means a lot!





4 Comments Add yours

  1. Krista Boone says:

    Sounds like an interesting last three months for you! My favorite part was when you said “Making the worst into something treasured, this is what HE does.” I love reading your blogs Andrea, you inspire me! Miss you:)


    1. Krista, you just are too sweet. Thank you for your post! Soo encouraging for me to hear. Missing you too!


  2. Ditto what your friend said above!!! What a beautiful reminder of what He is doing every day. Andrea, it’s so sweet to my soul to hear you still staying close to Jesus and keeping your focus on what He is doing in you. Thanks for sharing your adventures and keeping in touch this way! Praying for you now. 🙂


  3. Janene Forgey says:

    Andrea, thanks for remembering us. We think of you, (and talk about you) and miss you. All is well here and Mary Margaret is about to hit the milestone of 80 years old! June 26. Hope you and Toby are well. Janene Forgey


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