About Me

Never thought I would be writing a blog. Never thought I would be trying to live overseas. Never thought I would up for the challenge of learning a new language. Never thought I would actually be using my Intercultural Ministries Major.

But here I am, writing a blog, trying to get a student visa for Austria, trying to learn German, and having the futuristic goal of serving longterm in a local church in Austria. I can hardly believe that these things are happening. And I can take absolutely no credit to why these things are happening because I know within myself I don’t have enough strength, courage, nor willpower, but it is truly Christ in me doing all the work and putting the pieces together.

Five years ago His gospel became truly real to me after I screwed up. In return, He offered me His love, forgiveness, and grace. What God would do this? There is only one God who offers this and His Name is Jesus Christ. So this page really isn’t about me but about Him….and my blogs will be too so warning!! But anyways, thank you for reading this…seriously, thank you. And I hope you will join me on this crazy journey called life.