Truly, thank you for reading my posts and just keeping up with me. I wish I could keep in personal contact with all of you, but obviously life is just too short. You viewing my updates is a great encouragement to me.

Secondly, thank you for all your thoughts and prayers!! I need them! Some days are easy and some days are really hard, but knowing that people like you are praying for me is such an encouragement.

Lastly, if would like to support me financially, I would greatly appreciate it. I have saved enough money to take me through this summer but after that, I really do need your help. Once September comes, payments for German classes, rent, and health insurance will be my big monthly expenses. Obviously, if you have any specific questions on the financial side of things, please just ask…I believe these types of things should be open. I set up a personal paypal account so that there is no middle man. Just click on the link below and know that I am thankful for your help : )

Thank you my friends!!